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 The -]NBK[- & {ESG} Classic Cup 2012

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PostSubject: The -]NBK[- & {ESG} Classic Cup 2012    11/2/2012, 22:41

[size=200]The -]NBK[- & {ESG} Classic Cup 2012 [/size]

We are back to business again, and hope you will like it!

As the previous -]NBK[- Cup was such a success we have decided not to change the rules, but to apply a minor changes to correct
the very few things that we were not happy with.

The system wont be changed either so once again we are making a double sided competition having 2 of the same Cups simultaniously
played at the same time.

We will start with Qualification Death Match once again. This Match will be played by the Cup rules.
Every Team has to send one of their players to represent them, not just one player is allowed, but only 1 can play at the same time.
After the DM match is played and the Groups have been made, we move into the next phase - Group Stage!
Group stage is made to decide which teams move into which competition.
Two of the best ranked teams from each groups move into the Diamond Competition, The lower placed teams move into Platinum,
and by that they are still able to play the finals!

[size=200]Who can register?[/size]
Every team (Does not have to be a clan) can register. Every player is allowed to be on the 2 team rosters!!!



[size=200]How to register?[/size]
Write down your Clan (Team) Tag, Team Captain, 1 refferee if possible, and the players!
Choose 5 of your favorite maps.
Those maps have to be accepted by the Cup admins and therefore installed on the servers.
- 1 on 1 Maps, PunkyMaps and too small maps will NOT be accepted.


-]NBK[- Natural Born Killers

-]NBK[-*VeyronX* (Team Captain + Reff)
-]NBK[-***ivo*** (Team Captain + Reff)
-]NBK[-***max*** (Reff)

[size=200]You can register your Team here![/size]

[size=200]Game Rules[/size]
No "norunmod" (movements allowed even through the whole map, but only to get into your spot).
That means!
--no assault
--no hunting
We won't tolerate!
-- spawnkill
-- close revenge
-- hiding (scope for the map), hiding is lame! Isn't it?
-- teleporter camping, camping at teleporters is even more lame! Isn't it?
-- lift camping, camp on lift even more lame too! Isn't it?
-- base camping (not more than 2 players at the same place), use the whole map!
-- image drop

--first rulebreak --- only a Warning for the whole Team
--second rulebreak --- 1 frag penelty
--third rulebreak --- 3 frags penalty
--forth rulebreak --- map forfeit

[size=200]Server / ServerSettings[/size]
--We will host Servers in Europe and for our US friends we also will host a Server in USA. How to choose the Server in a match, please look here
--GameSpeed will be 110%
--NBKCamping Rifle
--Spawnprotetion 7 sec
--HeadShotBonus + 1 frag + 20 health
--No Goodies this time

[size=200]Try it out! :[/size]

Also we have opened the Cup forum so you can already discuss about the cup rules!
You can visit us here
For any kind of question you can contact Ivan ( or Andy ( on MSN.

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The -]NBK[- & {ESG} Classic Cup 2012
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